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about me

I am a Maryland based oil painter with a love for patterns, traditional painting techniques, and nature. I studied painting, illustration, and art history at the Hartford Art School in Connecticut, USA, and graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. After serving in the Peace Corps in Africa, living abroad in Vietnam, and working for a few years as a public school art teacher in Baltimore City, I decided to put all my efforts into my artwork. I've even painting and selling my work full time since 2015.

I started out painting room scenes with overlapping patterns, bold colors, human figures, and moody lighting. My body of work now focuses in on the small spaces within those rooms — revealing what is hiding out on the ornate walls. Birds, plants, and larger-than-life insects are my primary muses.


I offer a limited amount of commissioned work per year --- be in touch to learn more. 


Thank you for stopping by, these painted creatures wouldn't be here without your support. Have a great day!


Instagram - @emuchytil

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